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CITA Reading Skills Foundation provides a platform whereby Head of schools, teachers, parents and pupils interact together and engage in discussing issues on literacy and how to get involved in building the reading habit. The needed collaboration is essential in achieving this mission.

Early childhood research has revealed that the family as an educator has significant influence on child language and literacy.

Research has also shown that children form their habit before the age of 9 years, this information is so critical for parents and teachers to encourage children to focus their attention in the right direction as soon as possible.

Why Reading?

  • Reading contributes to mind development, through reading process, sentences are converted into mental concepts, structured in the brain and readers are able to interpret and understand these sentences.
  • Reading is fully acquired in primary school since it is not fully perfected during the pre-school ages even though the pre-school ages are perfect for establishing reading as a habit.
  • Reading molds human behaviour, aid self – improvement and world view perception of the reader.
  • Reading is an habit that cannot be gained by compulsion rather it is a continuous, basic necessity when attention is paid to it at an early age.
  • The early childhood period recognized as between ages 2 and 6 years
  • Reading helps the social development of a society as well as individuals in the society
  • Authors have confirmed that the most critical period in the formation of reading as a habit is during childhood
  • The pre-school period during which children learn and use writing materials establishes the beginning of formation of reading habits
  • - A child’s first reading skills could be observed when s/he demonstrates interests in written materials,

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